Campaign Summary

Sinclair Cares: Your Neighbor Needs You is a COVID-19 relief fundraising partnership between Sinclair Broadcast Group and The Salvation Army. In addition to matching donations up to $100,000, Sinclair also produced over 240 unique stories across over 80 news stations.

Support was provided directly into your local communities, helping The Salvation Army deliver food, shelter, and hope.

Amount Raised So Far

Campaign Highlights

Over 240 unique stories produced at SBG news stations promoting the Sinclair Cares: Your Neighbor Needs You campaign

Digital Dedicated Newsletter – 1.7 Million sends/recipients
Digital Display on Web – 9.3 Million ATF impressions

Social Media
Over 1000 posts driving users to the donation page

Statement From The Salvation Army

“The Salvation Army’s ability to meet human needs during COVID-19 has been empowered each day by support from partners like Sinclair Broadcast Group,” Commissioner David Hudson, National Commander of The Salvation Army USA, said. “We are so grateful for the extended commitment of Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliate stations and their viewers in each community, as well as their continued concern for those who need help. The ‘Sinclair Cares: Your Neighbor Needs You’ campaign has fueled our provision of nearly 42-million meals and one-million nights of shelter in America since the outbreak of COVID-19 by raising an estimated $900,000 in monetary support of our programs and a massive increase in public awareness.”

Social Media

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