Ukraine Relief

Sinclair Broadcast Group Partners with Global Red Cross to Help With Humanitarian Relief Efforts in Ukraine

$ 215841

Total Donations

Campaign Summary

In March 2022, Sinclair Broadcast Company activated, SINCLAIR CARES: UKRAINE RELIEF, a fundraising partnership with Global Red Cross to help with their humanitarian relief efforts on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries. According to the UN Human Rights Council, at the time, more than three million people had fled Ukraine and an estimated 18 million — a third of the country’s population — needed humanitarian assistance.

The fundraising, through, on behalf of the Global Red Cross went to support the delivery of emergency aid, such as providing food, fuel, medical supplies and first aid training support to those in Ukraine and others seeking safety in neighboring countries.

Fundraising campaign messaging and news stories aired on all Sinclair TV stations across the country, as well as Bally Sports regional sports networks.

Viewer donations totaled $165,841, with Sinclair providing a corporate match of $50,000, for a grand total of over $215,000 in donations to help the war-afflicted area.

“Our viewers and employees embody a spirit of compassion, caring and giving, and we are proud to partner with the American Red Cross and the global Red Cross network to assist in the humanitarian relief efforts to provide emergency aid, food and medical supplies in Ukraine,” said Rob Weisbord, Chief Operations Officer and President of Broadcast.

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